Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here is what my clients say.

Kiran is a down to earth, patient and highly skilled life coach, who knows the criticality of enabling the client, than forcing his own thoughts to clients. Definitely expect a positive impact in few weeks, including ability to analyze the challenges from higher plane, becoming comfortable in using metaphors to devise faster, first time right and long term solutions. Please remember, true life coaching takes couple of weeks to create positive impact, and Kiran was absolutely right in setting the expectation upfront. Truly a great coach to work with and will certainly be continuing my life coaching session with him for sure.

Rao, USA (Project Manager)

I was impressed the way Kiran coached me in becoming aware of the core insecure thoughts and confusion I was having in making decision for the next level of my life. He listened to me very carefully and without being judgemental; he calmly directed my mind towards my confidence and positive self-esteem that is already present in me. Also he gave me a tool to tackle this insecure thinking of mine if it comes back again in future. I was surprised to have this shift in my mindset in just one session with him. I highly recommend him. Thank you Kiran Katawa.

Lubna Rasheed(Psychiatrist), UK

I approached Kiran with many confusions which I was going from many years. He is very good listener. He sorted out many confusions, unnecessary worries, obstructions. Made me realize that I’m responsible for my own problems and its root causes.He made me work out myself – how I can find my goals in life, peace and most importantly Inner happiness. Focus,potential increased in me to reach my vision and goals slowly.He made me realize that I was travelling by the side of the main path with my own problems. Accepting the situations showed the main path to the future journey of life. I am Thankful to Kiran who boosted my level of confidence and abilities.

Pankaja, Bangalore

Highly recommend coaching session with Kiran. After we completed our session, I was left with a lot of positive energy and confidence. His approach is very comfortable and I was able to achieve a lot from our first session.

Zuhana Fawaka(Educator), Jerusalem

I reached out to kiran for a coaching session during lockdown days. I shared my issues with him. I admire Kiran for listening me and taking me to get into the cause and solution through my own thoughts. The session was for 30 minutes but it was extended to move ahead connecting the right wires to get over barriers in my words.
He listened me being attentive and non-judgemental. Also, the session was helpful to reinforce my thoughts and to look at the issue objectively.
I wish him all success in every sphere of his life and my recommendations are with him.

Deepak Kumar Shukla (Software Developer)

I felt absolutely comfortable talking to Kiran. He doesn't project his own thoughts but helps you to reveal your own hidden thoughts and feelings like you did it on your own. I didn't feel like I was revealing my issues to a stranger and I felt confident talking to him. I had only two sessions so far and I feel I have reached to a good level of clarity thanks to him. I highly recommend his sessions.

Samah Hourani (Project Officer)

We connected once over a zoom call and it was enough for me. The credit for the same goes to his wonderful listening and deep coaching skills. He helped me to find the unknown. He was kind enough to me to help me as a coach on a call. I recommend Kiran for his one emerging skill of executive coaching.

Harjot Singh Guliani (Personality Engineer)

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