Free Introductory Session(30 Mins):

In this free session, we will go through what coaching is and isn’t, how will it maximize your potential, how long lasting is the impact? We will also explore how the sessions would work, booking and confidentiality procedures. I’ll address any other queries if you have and conclude if Coaching is really for you or not.

One-to-one Coaching(1 hr):

This is an one-to-one coaching on any issue that you bring in. In this session, you will identify your blockers, create a fresh perspective , explore your potentials and identify the action items to move towards your desired outcomes.

Group Coaching/Family/Couple Coaching(1 Hour):

When 2 or more of you want to explore an issue, I can have a group coaching. It is to resolve and bring out the maximum potential in the group/family/couples. Couples includes married couples or to be married couples. Family includes husband-wife, brother-sister,mother-son any group combination and the generic group includes any other group members like friends/co-workers/business partners.