How Coaching Works

How Coaching Works

Coaching is a co-creative conversation and journey between a Coach and the Coachee to realize the potential of Coachee and achieve what he desires to.

What does a Coachee desire? 

It can be ANYTHING which is not working for him/within him/he doesn’t desire and he wants to move to a state where it is working for him/within him/he gets it.

What this ANYTHING can be? Here are few examples:

I amn’t able to manage my time.
I feel stressed out, unclear of my goals. Not able to prioritize.
I amn’t sure whether I want to continue this job or start my business.
I Want to spend time with my daughter, but, held up with my work.
I want to go to arts class, but, held up with my business due to financial commitments.
I am pro-active and working as CEO, but, not able to get into a director’s role.
I am scared of going for long drives, but, I want to travel places in my car.
I want to reduce my weight, but, nothing seems to work. etc.
As the conversation progresses, it creates clarity about goal and the issues by addressing it in terms of the root cause, impact, severity, complexity, blockers, rigidity and so-on. With this clarity emerging on the goal from various dimensions, new possibilities open up for action, which weren’t evident earlier. The Coach would continue to help the Coachee build this solution, again by checking it to ensure that it is realistic, meaningful, workable and so-on. At the end, the Coachee would realize his own potential to handle the issue and realize the possibility. There comes a new shift in the perspective of the Coachee. So, even after the coaching ends, Coachee is left powerful and he can carry it to the other areas of his life.

In a coaching, the Coach and Coachee will have a co-creative conversation, where Coach
Explores the issue from various angles, giving Coachee various perspectives;
Bring awareness about various neglected or hidden or unseen things within the context;
Stand as a reflection for Coachee’s thoughts, feelings and behavior and help to see himself;
Listen to Coachee at superficial, belief, value, emotional levels and understand completely;
Make a reality check on Coachee’s fantasy and help reshaping it.
A Coach is trained in questioning techniques, catching what we are ignoring, identifying the blindspots, listening skills, change cycles, belief system cycles, behavioral theories, noticing what’s not said and so-on.
A Coach isn’t a mentor/consultant – who gives solutions based on his expertise. He isn’t a therapist/counselor – who helps you to address your past, not healed issues.

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