Holiday-What Happens to Us?

Holiday-What Happens to Us?

When one goes for a holiday, there is change. The change is in many terms – climate, surrounding, culture, food, people etc. These all stimulate senses, intellect and emotions. Its a different experience. Also, it is different from what one does in a routine life. 

Each of us are recognized in many ways. For ex: if we’re a tourist, we’re welcomed by the hotel staff or the room service boy attends us. The rikshawalas checks if we want their service; if we’re visiting families/close friends, we’re welcomed, the relatives would wave you, exchange words, memories, events; we’ll be served tea/coffee or called for food, they want to take us out; suddenly, we are so special in that setup. Our presence is so much recognized! These seem pretty small and obvious things that happen in a visit; But, they matter very much. Do we get an invite for tea/coffee/meals daily at home, even if we get it, it is from the same person and so, it won’t have much affect as it would be when someone different calls us.
The 3rd important thing that happen is that the time is so much structured. Even if we have not planned anything day wise, the fact that we are off for some days and just out to enjoy it as holidays, itself structures the time. 
In this way, the basic hungers – stimulation hunger, recognition hunger and structure hungers are so well fulfilled. Tell me now, why won’t we feel so refreshed after every return from the holiday; and why are we so desperate to have the holiday?
To further expand this, it gets applicable for any routine change activity that we plan to do like meeting friends, partying, movie, eating out etc. x

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