FAQs on Coaching

FAQs on Coaching

What is the difference between coaching, mentoring, consulting, therapy and counselling? 

Therapy and Counselling deal thru the past emotions, which aren’t yet healed and resolve the present issues.
In Mentoring and Consulting the mentor or consultant guides you thru the challenge based on his expertise in the same field.
Coaching works thru the present and future. It isn’t guiding you with subject matter expertise solutions. Rather, it is creating new possibilities, fresh perspectives, awareness by connecting the coachee with his potential. So, coaching can be done on any personal or professional life issue.

How long would coaching go on?
Depends. A session is for an hour. So, it may run for 3-4 sessions or more or even may get resolved in a single session. It depends on many parameters like complexity, depth and so-on. It may so happen that the issue is altogether different and you hadn’t thought of in that direction! The coaching conversations are explorative.

What about confidentiality of our discussions?
It is a matter of trust. I can’t show you any proof, but, I promise you that I am the last point of contact for our conversation. Nothing will go beyond me, without your permission. Trust how you feel and take a call. I welcome you to not take or continue the coaching with me, if you feel you can’t trust me. Trust between us is the fundamental requirement. Often, it builds over the sessions.

Why can’t I do it myself? How about self help books?
It is not a deficiency in you. Each of us have blind spots, which are something which only others can see, and not the person himself. You’re already engrossed in your own belief system, values, thinking and emotional patterns. Unless, someone comes and talk to you and holds a mirror to your thoughts, emotions, behavior, values and beliefs, this is almost impossible or may take a long time where you may come across belief altering, enabling life events!
Self-help books may help, but, they aren’t tailored to your issues.
Coaching is a structured way, in a considerable time frame, working in a personalized way with your challenges. A coach is trained in conducting conversations.

What are your skills?
I am a ACC(Associated Certified Coach) trained coach from ICF(International Coach Federation), working towards my accreditation. I am also studying Transactional Analysis, a behaviour and personality theory, in Organization theme.

Would coaching create dependency with Coachee? What happens after coaching?
In coaching, we work on the person and not on the issue. So, even after the coaching is completed, the new perspectives and awareness will continue to be with the coachee. This is the advantage of coaching.In future, if you encounter another issue, which requires you to evolve further, you can re-connect for more exploration.

What kind of issues can I bring to coaching?
Anything you have from personal life or profession life, from work, colleagues, relationships with anyone, social behavior, time management, growth, health, money, hobby or any conflicts;

Few examples are here:

I want to start jogging
Can’t study consistently
Have loan and working for earning money. This has create guilt of not spending time with family.
Want to organize a family event, but, not able to
Want to continue with job or start a business or change field of work
Want to go for long drives, but, scared of consequences
Relationship with my sister(or put any other relationship) isn’t working
I don’t have regular sleeping patterns
I want to move up in my career ladder, but, don’t know how!