Falling In Love With Your Body!

Falling In Love With Your Body!

Have you ever pondered on these questions?

  1. You know what to do (exercising and dieting), but something is stopping you from doing it?
  2. How much of dieting and exercises do you ENJOY? And how much of it is a dragging feeling?
  3. How long can you keep these practices intact? What can sabotage these practices?

To dwell further, have you wondered on your relationship with your body and food?

  1. What is your relationship with your body? Do you love it, embrace it, ashamed of it, don’t like the way IT IS as of now?
  2. Why are you eating what you’re eating?
  3. What do you feel and what is the internal conversation:
    • When you crave, but you can’t eat?
    • You crave, you eat and then you start beating yourself?
  4. How is the feeling of beating yourself compared to that craving while you were hungry?
  5. How does all the above feelings impact your daily routine, your relations and your profession?
  6. How does your thoughts and beliefs about your body, make you feel about your worth and esteem?
  7. How can you stop binge eating by choice, instead of forcing yourself to stop?
  8. What are those voices in you that asks for eating, which beats you after eating and which takes a balanced call? Are all of them same or different?
  9. When you’re sad or angry, why do you always choose to punish only the stomach by over eating or skipping the food?

The food one eats could provide a complete and fulfilling feeling. Note the difference between full and complete. One may be full in the belly, but, don’t feel complete after eating. In Sanskrit, there is a line of prayer addressing the goddess of food, that says: “Anna Purne, Sada Purne”, which translates to – “The goddess of food, you’re always complete”. The consumption of food can create such a state of completeness, like a good night’s sleep. If it is been a complete and good sleep, one doesn’t feel like sleeping again in the morning.

At times, one doesn’t do a task, though it is quite simple. It is always the feeling that is associated with the task that decides whether it will be picked up or not. It may be as simple as brushing the tooth before going to the bed. As such the task is simple, may take just 2-3 minutes. But, does one do it? This expands to larger tasks in life like following a diet plan, exercising, purchasing a property, changing a job, meeting a friend, reading, writing and so-on.

Understanding and developing a good relationship with one’s body, falling in love with the body, accepting the body as it is NOW, feeling that completeness in every meal, every sip of tea or coffee or juice or ice that one eats would ensure a healthy body. As one starts to love the body, the LOVE will not let one to spoil it by binge eating, consuming unhealthy food regularly. Because one LOVEs the body, one may LOVE to keep it toned, not only at skin, muscles and bones level, but at a level deeper to remove the anxiety and stress getting accumulated in it!

A Life Coach can help in achieving these goals. Coaching is a CO-CREATIVE and EMPOWERING conversation between you and the Coach. Coach helps you to connect with values, beliefs and emotions and enables you to move from where you are to where you want to be. In coaching, a tailor-made solution emerges that is unique to you, to your context and to your personality. It brings in a fresh perspective and opens up new possibilities of relating with your body. If you’re interested in working in the emotional aspects of your relationship with your body and fall in love with it AS-IS and do the things for it for the LOVE of your body, get in touch me.

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