The Screaming and Stubborn Child!!

Often, I get to hear this complaint from the parents about their child(particularly of the age group 3-6): “My daughter screams a lot or behaves stubborn when the object of her wish isn’t given to her. What to do?”. As a parent, I am not exempted from this. Let us understand the child a bit here:…
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Suggesting Others!!

When an incident happens in our life, we make an interpretation of it. This is based on the way I see the world, perception. The perception is in turn based on the personality. The tendency to give suggestions to others comes naturally. But, this hinders the person from absorbing and making his learning.

Being Human and Accepting Your-SELF

Have you met with any of these incidents or similar? (I am sure, you as a human being, would definitely have had):  failed in exam/initiative/venture, feared/worried to face your manager or client, caught red handed in your misdeeds (intentional)/mistakes (unntentional) in public or in office; been an object of joke/insult and couldn’t retaliate;  been cheated,…
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