Month: May 2019

The Dragging Feeling of I Could Have Done It Differently!!

After an action/decision is taken and moved on, one gets into an internal conversation saying: “I wish, I could have done it differently”. This conversation is not for the bigger or highly impacted events, but for day-to-day, smaller things like: “I could have taken that bus instead of waiting for auto”, “I could have written…
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Holiday-What Happens to Us?

When one goes for a holiday, there is change. The change is in many terms – climate, surrounding, culture, food, people etc. These all stimulate senses, intellect and emotions. Its a different experience. Also, it is different from what one does in a routine life.  Each of us are recognized in many ways. For ex:…
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Engaging With My Child

One of the things I do to enter the fantasy world of the child by joining in watching the TV comic which the child is watching at that moment. Laughing along with her, getting excited, feeling tensed, sitting at the edge of the seat and so on…no matter how silly, obvious, irrational, impossible it is,…
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Just ‘coz I am a Therapist/Coach/Counselor

Just because a person is therapist, counselor, coach or psychologist doesn’t mean that there are no problems in his family. It is pointless to assume so. That is because, not all in the family may be willing to work for the solution of their problem. Every person makes his own choice and this often would…
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