Month: September 2018

Complete the Separation

In high school, college or office, while someone is leaving, a send-off is arranged. Same is true, when one’s returning and the relatives/friends arrive till bus-stop/station to see you off. Though this has come as a standard practice, these were opportunities to reflect, grieve and complete our thoughts, emotions about the current setup, from which one…
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Difference Between Guilt and Shame

The difference between Guilt and Shame. Guilt: something wrong at DOING level, the deeds.Shame: something wrong at BEING level, which is at the whole as a person. Ex: When someone says ‘I am ashamed of myself/you’. It is pointing to the whole person. And when someone says ‘I am/you’re guilty of having done it’ then…
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For the Love of Facebook/Whatsapp

A person visits FB for :1. To see how many likes have come for the post.2. To see if there is an intellectually stimulating post – A funny video, a naughty comment, updates of friends, political news, some awesome/awestruck videos/events. Will the same recognition/stimulation come when I am travelling in a train/bus, attending a marriage…
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Difference Between “Fun” and “Happiness”

Don’t mix FUN and HAPPINESS.  We hear the statement: ‘Have fun’, ‘Be Happy’. We don’t get to hear: ‘Have Happy’, ‘Be Fun’! Why? ‘coz, FUN is something one can HAVE, like HAVING meals. It comes from external things like music, party, cinema, jokes, games etc. So, one can pay and get it, if required. HAPPINESS is…
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LGBT and Social Impact

The legal approval of LGBT has huge cultural, emotional impact. Adopting babies not for the reasons of infertility, growth of children with parents are of same sex, sharing of family responsibilities between the couples, for the elders it’s son and son-in-law or daughter and daughter-in-law, divorce between them, men-men and women-women emotional problems!It’s quite a…
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Whats My Opinion About Coachee?!

At the end of the coaching sessions, I usually get this question from the coachee: “What did you think about me, while going thru our session?”My answer is: “I didn’t think anything. All the while I was neutral. I didn’t had any internal dialogues going on”.That sounds a bit intriguing, weird, ‘can’t believe’…kinda answer. However, that…
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Coaching and Judgmental Voice

A coaching conversation is a co-creative journey with the coachee. A good coach needs to have several qualities related to being objective, neutral and being non-judgmental. These are not something which one can apply on others, until one starts living them. Its a journey to get on terms with these qualities. There are different ways…
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