Coaching is a co-creative conversation and a journey between the Coach and the Coachee to realize the maximum potential of the Coachee to enable him to achieve what he desires to. Coach is a thought partner in this explorative journey.

In Coaching…

In Coaching, we work with the person and not on the issue. So, long after the coaching is completed, the new perspectives and awareness will continue to exist with the Coachee. The Coachee would exit the coaching having realized his maximum potential. The conversation navigates and builds through the following …


It is an explorative conversation about self, others and the context. Exploring beliefs, values and assumptions in these areas leading to new possibilities.


Zooming in and out on the short term and long term goals, identifying and connecting them to the vision, exploring the needs, brings in structure and clarity.


Connecting the Coachee to his maximum potentional and bringing it to his awareness. Coachee would view self, others and the world in an empowering perspective.


Exploration, Clarity, and realization of Potential will open up possibilities, multiple options, which were earlier invisible, never thought of!


With the emerging of the possibilities and the awareness of potential, Coachee is willing to be accountable and responsible with his actions to achieve the goals.


The strategy, the actions towards success are planned, designed, checked for support structure and dependencies. The possible unaware sabotages are talked out.

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